6 & 7. Best Mobile Devices

Recognising a combination of factors that make for industry game changers, these awards are nominated and judged by world leading independent analysts, journalists and others and are therefore high among the most sought after awards.

Entries are not required for these categories.

There are two award categories for Best Mobile Devices:

Category 6. Best Smartphone

The Smartphone of the Year award, combining outstanding performance, hardware and software innovation, ergonomic design, new features and functionality, value for money and market leadership, will be determined through assessment of Smartphones on the market during 2016 (and up to end March 2017), by a world leading independent analysts, journalists and influencers.

Category 7. Disruptive Device Innovation

This award is connected devices and ‘things that have the potential to be game changers in terms of leading edge consumer device breakthrough that advances the user experiences as well as those that bring whole new capabilities and experiences to the market. These will be determined and nominated by nominations from our judging panel. ‘Disruptive Devices’ includes a whole realm of connected ‘things’ from wearables and hearables to cars, bikes, drones, watches, cameras and of course VR headsets as well as everything in between…

Neither of these categories are open for submission as they are based on the individual nominations submitted and decided by our specialist judging panel.

This process is designed to recognise a combination of criteria (from design to value, performance, innovation & market success) to find the best, most innovative devices, with the highest demand on the market, we select judges who study devices and their impact on the market for a living, to put forward their nominations and decide the winner.

Products nominated by our panel consideration will have been available on the market during 2016 up to end March 2017. As such, they do not have to have been manufactured in Asia, but must have been available in at least one Asian market during this time.


The nominations for these categories are directly provided by and discussed among a panel of world leading independent journalists, analysts, and market influencers, who will shortlist, discuss and determine the ultimate winner based on a range of criteria including technology innovation, design excellence, outstanding performance and market leadership (see criteria, below).

The judges will provide their own nominations, with judging taking place in May 2017. The shortlist will be published by the GSMA by early June.

The Winners will be announced at the Mobile World Congress Shanghai on Wednesday 28th June 2017.

Judging Criteria 

Our judges will nominate and assess the devices based on the following criteria:

6. Best Smartphone

  • Physical design & innovation
  • Device performance & form factors
  • Genuine New Innovation deployed e.g. in UI, form factor, technology, features
  • Product usefulness in terms of functionality and features
  • Simplicity of use – such as an intuitive user interface
  • Range of applications and features supported
  • Price point & perceived value for money
  • Market success in global territories
  • User experience, quality & reliability

7. Disruptive Device Innovation

  • Device should reflect a radical advance in technology design
  • Has the potential to create a new market and a new value based business model
  • Potential to disrupt the market, with big impact and success for the long term
  • New user capabilities, with exceptional performance & appeal
  • Price/ Value for money
  • Value, quality & reliability
  • Product usefulness in terms of functionality and features
  • Out of the box thinking, seamless usability
  • Device must have been new in 2016 (to end March 2017)